Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Time To Click

BOSS Watches are known for the affiliation with sporting icons, most notably with Britain's most influential yachtsman, Alex Thomson. Furthering their association with sport, BOSS Watches have combined the art of photography with their love of a fast moving industry and launched a unique photography competition in partnership with the The Independent entitled Time To Click.

Offering aspiring photographers the opportunity to show off their artistic skills, the competition asks entrants to capture a winning sporting moment for a chance to win an exclusive set of gifts including a BOSS watch, a £500 shopping trip and personal tuition with a professional photographer.

The overall winner will be announced at the end of December, but in the run up to the closing date, The Independent sports desk will pick their top five every two weeks. Not only can you view the hopeful entries on the specially designed BOSS platform but the Independent have also set up a gallery of the top thirty iconic moments in the sporting world to give you inspiration and creative insight.

The concept is simple and with such exceptional prizes on offer, this is not a competition you want to miss.

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