Tuesday, 19 October 2010

"Prada Milano, made in......."

Prada, one of Italy's largest fashion houses, recently announced that its legendary "made in Milan" labels will henceforth be more geographically correct to the inspiration behind each particular garment.

A special Dova denim jeans collection is now "Made in Japan" while "Made in Peru" features beautiful woollen pieces, spun in the time-honoured tradition from South-American alpulca wool. These new tags accrediting the inspiration and ethnic backgrounds of several Prada pieces are the brain child of creative director Miuccia Prada. Directing the company since 1978, Miuccia has headed many new initiatives and Prada has clearly benefited from her ideas. In today's world, where everything is either fair-trade, organic or else ignored, Prada is keeping up with the Joneses by giving their brand an ethnically accredited tag. Miuccia stated that it's "taking away the hypocrisy.... mine is an original statement and it comes from a personal appreciation of originality".

Fair-trade Prada? Yes please.

Words by Ann McLaughlin

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