Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Sunday, Sunday

Having secured his training in Jewellery design at Epsom School of Art and Middlesex University, Hampshire boy Craig Issac first gained attention for his innovative creations thanks to his rather obscure final year project. Inspired by orthodontic braces, the collection consisted of elaborate mouth jewellery which he designed using dental mold making processes that allowed him to make bespoke removable tooth decoration. Needless to say, once his designs caught the attention of stylist Katie England and were shot by Rankin, he was well and truly propelled to the fore-front as one of the greatest emerging jewellery designers.

His latest range for men and women once again sees him encapsulate his fascination with random objects whereby 'The Wishbone' from family Sunday lunch has become the centre-point of a collection which rejuvenates all the associations of this traditional dinner ritual. Entitled 'Furcula Repair', the collection is formed by polished and blackened silver necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings that re-introduces and restores value to this forgotten ritual.

Available exclusively from East London design hub Luna And Curious, The Wishbones have been cast from the furcula of a real roast chicken and provides a wonderful Good Luck charm that harks back to the Aaaah Bisto! days of our childhood!


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