Friday, 29 October 2010

Gucci Get 3D

With the onslaught of 3D films currently infiltrating the cinema screens, this is definitely one trend that won't be going out of fashion any time soon. Realising a niche in the market whereby 3D glasses are now a massively ubiquitous form of eye wear yet highly unflattering, Italian fashion powerhouse Gucci have taken the cardboard glasses and wiry frames of late and transformed them into sleek and sophisticated designer shades.

The new Gucci 3D glasses feature "optically-correct" 6-base curved lenses, which should decrease or "virtually eliminate" the crosstalk from the screen to your eyes making your movie as clear and enjoyable as possible. Sporting a retro, 80's look design, Frida Giannini's brand new offering also incorporates a mirror coating that allows wearers to look at themselves in a mirror without distortion. Shades to be worn in darkness? Allows a clearer view to check yourself out? Kanye West shall no doubt be queuing up for a pair this season...


  1. Woow.. so cool, love them and I need one now!


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