Thursday, 1 July 2010

STITCH Revealed

As one of the proud sponsors of the “Sense & Vision” event taking place at menswear and accessories trade show STITCH; yesterday the SEVENTH MAN team popped down to Old Billingsgate Market to take a peek.

On entering the venue we were handed flutes of delicious watermelon Babicka vodka and guided through the exhibition where we met with some of the UK’s most influential new designers who revealed key pieces from their new collection.

Now in her 8th season, Carolyn Massey presented a collection influenced by the way in which garments are worn and lived–in by the people who inspire her. Using an extensive mix of fabrics, from cotton drill to leather, Massey uses a distinctive neutral palette whilst a play with proportion and shape is sustained throughout.

With bold colour-blocking, technical fabrics and sleek tailoring, Satyenkumar’s collection is a fresh and clean-cut offering for S/S 11. For Omar Kashoura’s presentation, he revealed a collection of a rather retro disposition with a ‘back to basis” feel. Omar was also pleased to announce his upcoming luggage collaboration with Chris and Tibor to be launched next year.

With her new collection, Lou Dalton seeked inspiration from the nomadic lifestyle & the uniformity of the Romany people. The result is an eclectic mix of natural fabrics, functional tailoring and interesting detailing.

Meanwhile Richard Dawson, the designer behind Forgotten Future, unveiled a Post-War inspired collection in soft hues,  that featured patchwork techniques combined with asymmetric formations and graphic prints to give the collection a rather more contemporary feel.

Finally Morgan Allen-Oliver presented a quirky collection including his signature knitwear that features a panoramic selection of patterns. Essentially, it is a collection which stays true to the designer’s mantra: wearable, comfortable and of course, utterly stylish.

In all, it appears STITCH is once again a resounding success and will surely grow and develop in the coming seasons.

Stayed tuned for exclusive interviews with the designers...


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