Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Westwood and Lee strike again

Following on from last season, one of the most successful collaborative projects has debuted it's second collection together.

That's right Vivienne Westwood Anglomania and Lee denim have combined forces to create yet another sumptuous denim collection. The new selection was debuted at Milan fashion week on the 20th June to the delight of the Westwood/Lee admirers.

This time round some new styles have come in to add a splash of variety to Westwood's trade mark bondage and drop crotch denim.

The Mayfair jeans - a pair inspired by the classic sartorial of Savile Row tailors - complete with iron creases down the front - have been brought into to add a more formal edge to the overtly casual and increasingly edgy collection.

Along with the Mayfair, the Mechanic and the overall jeans, which are variations of slim cut and banana leg jeans [in reverse order!] have been brought in too, both certain to attract many a new fan.

To tempt you even more some t-shirts and a denim jacket [with a trademark lopsided collar] are also available within the collection, so you can commit to the collaboration without wearing jeans!

Here's to another season of wearing Westwood and Lee simultaneously.

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