Thursday, 1 July 2010


It's not often that Islington gets to be the prize location, but since new bar/performance space/art installation Playtime opened it's wondrous doors on the edge of the green, it certainly has become something of a hit amongst the most tender fingers on London's pulse.

Playtime merges the characteristics of a fantastic independent bar with that of en edgy art gallery: offering up a hybrid of culture and entertainment, and - of course - alcohol.

Every four months a new installation will be set up by an artist, to create an entirely consuming exhibit, the decor is changed to match the exhibition and the artist gets to create a cocktail [with the help of experienced mixologists] which will be served alongside some of the best classics that were ever thrown together.

Dance music is banned, but thats not to say you won't be dancing! Anything and EVERYTHING from the ET soundtrack to Link Wray will be pounding through the speakers, courtesy of guest dj's and creatives who are invited to play every weekend.

For more details check their website: or go along and experience it for yourself.

Whatever your decision, it is definately time to get playful.

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