Thursday, 1 July 2010

Singing In The Rain

The quintessence of British clothing most commonly derives from the weather, look a Burberry's trademark gabardine fabric, or Barbour waxed jackets and Hunter wellingtons: all of which, were developed to keep ourselves dry in the torrential British downpours.

A new British classic encapsulating the very heart of English cheer is set to emerge on the market London Undercover founder Jamie Milestone has creating some hearty umbrellas for us all to protect ourselves with.

The umbrella - something of a necessity whilst inhabiting anywhere in Britain - yet something of a bore to be seen carrying. NOT anymore: Milestone, using his penchant for quirky kitsch imagery has developed gingham umbrellas, lined with a full english breakfast. If you don't fancy breakfast, then have a fish and chip dinner, not hungry? Then quiver beneath monochrome dogtooth, the list of designs is not endless, but is very long.

FINALLY, an umbrella can be an accessory again.

Prices are from £20-£40, available from Liberty.

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