Monday, 3 May 2010


Aspinal of London's Gentlemen's Umbrella in Navy Regimental is a worthy competitor in the rain accessory trade, an accessory that will out live your saddle shoes without even trying. It's elegant stripes and sturdy frame are sure to catch even the most weather weary eye.

Fulton's Huntsman umbrella in classic black is another worthy competitor for the attention of your hand, steel frame and dark wooden handle combine to create somewhat of a timeless addition to any a - dry clean only - ensemble.

New Moon an American cult shop also do a bit of a gothic take on the classic umbrella with a carved resin handle resembling something of the occult, which I have an inkling may well seduce a large proportion of style savvy men, it is a bit of wild card though, even in this morbid climate.

OR we could all wait to be dry until next winter when Carlo Pignatelli's feather lined umbrella is made available to the generally well off public.... I do hope it catches on. There is nothing like impractical Italian flamboyance to brighten a dull, pouring day in grey Britain.

The men of Britain are surely in need of some dapper umbrellas what with London's recent trend for continuous torrential rain.

I have taken it upon myself to display some of the finest rain shields that money can by, none of these fold away nickel and nylon brolly's, but a work of art, which both compliments an already terrific outfit, whilst keeping it dry, (because no one enjoys soggy fabric).


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