Monday, 3 May 2010

Gant Rugger on Bleecker Street

This past week, Gant Rugger opened its first retail shop on Bleecker Street, New York. Rugger, which is the younger hipper brother to Swedish label Gant choose the perfect location, now downtowners will not have to travel too far.

Recently, Gant has gotten much attention, greatly due to Michael Bastian's collection. But, Rugger will surely make its own buzz bringing ivy-vintage inspired wear. The label's prices-"shirts retail for $125, knit polos for $75, sweaters for $125, pants for $125-$175, shorts $90-$125, and jackets for $225-$495." says WWD.

Bleecker Street is quickly becoming this seasons men's destination for shopping. Two weeks ago, Freemans Sporting Club debuted its WestVillage location, the week before that, news broke out the new Marc Jacobs shop will be replacing Biography Bookshop. And, pretty soon, A.P.C., the home of all that is sweet and French and denim, will be joining the retail mix. Making Bleecker the hottest street!

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