Sunday, 30 May 2010

Bite the Bullet.

Is this possibly the coolest concealer we’ve ever seen? Designed like a bullet (very man-friendly packaging), the range of concealers, foundations and colour pens by fashion makeup artist supremo Ellis Faas has certainly found a home in this grooming editors toiletry bag. Says Ellis: The military designs are nothing aggressive of course: but I have always been fascinated by the way they came up with practical solutions to carry around a lot of stuff, so it’s just an innocent, but practical inspiration’. As the makeup artist behind many a Testino Shoot, (and several shows for Karl Lagerfeld), Ellis has used her in-depth knowledge of the natural colours found in our own skin tones to replicate complexion products that blend seamlessly, and offer just the right amount of coverage and texture balance. There are eight concealer shades available, but try S205 if you have a mid-warm skin tone, and S203 if you are fair.

Ellis Faas is available at Liberty.

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