Sunday, 30 May 2010

AAA - a collection based on Rock ‘n’ Roll is launched by the ‘Son of Rock’ – Louis Simonon.

When: ‘Fashion Friday’ - 28th May @ 6pm.

Where: Topman @ Topshop Oxford Circus.

What: The launch of ‘AAA’ – A Collection Based on Rock 'n' Roll, modelled by Louis Simonon, son of Clash guitarist Paul Simonon.

Why: Topman celebrated the launch of the new ‘AAA’ line, and 7th Man was invited to a sneak champagne preview in the Stylist Lounge which is located on the 2nd floor.

Gordon Richardson, Topman Design Director tells us: ‘AAA was born out of a seed of an idea whilst styling bands and musicians for our Flagship New York store opening it became apparent that whilst we may happen to have a fleeting Rock and Roll trend in store what we needed was a more permanent one with a music DNA that our customer could buy into regardless of seasonal influences. A range that made you feel and look like a rock star.’

The Clothes: Draped, scoop-necked vests worn under fine-knit slim fitting grey jumpers; blazers embellished with black glitter lapels. Zippers down the legs of super-skinny jeans or silver stud detailing on beige fitted trousers. It’s about louche rock and roll elements balanced with sharp tailoring and a modern twist. The mood is rock star ‘on a day off’

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Fashion Friday runs on the last Friday of every month, but dates may change to coincide with new launches, such as in June, where it falls on the 18th to coincide with the AD Project launch.

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