Sunday, 30 May 2010

7th Man Meets Jerry Hall and Georgia May Jagger.

From left to right: founder Andrea Horwood Bux, Georgia May Jagger, Jerry Hall, and the charming David Walker-Smith, Selfridges menswear and beauty director.

7th Man was invited to brunch with Jerry Hall and daughter Georgia May to discuss Invisible Zinc, a new generation of chemical free sunscreen which has taken Australia by storm and is now available in London.

When asked how their involvement in sun care came about, Georgia May cheekily looked over at her famous mum and replied: ‘Well they didn’t teach them much about sunscreen in the 70’s (Jerry laughs out loud); my mum taught me how important it is to cover up, and I have typical English skin – I burn and go lobster pink!’.

Invisible Zinc uses a patented, finely milled form of Zinc Oxide which acts as a physical barrier between harmful rays (both UVA + UVB) and your skin. Most sunscreens require a chemical reaction to work, and focus on absorbing and scattering UVB rays which can then turn into free radicals, also still leaving you exposed to UVA, or as founder Andrea Horwood Bux calls it ‘the silent wrinkler’.

I have to say, I had a boogie with Jerry maybe six years ago at a mutual friend’s birthday bash, and whatever she is doing - it’s working. Her skin is just as creamy and even as it was then - something that comes from a healthy lifestyle and importantly - keeping out of the sun. As a mother and daughter team they seem to be the perfect example of two things: one being that you’re never too young to start protecting yourself; and two, that good sun care will never go out of fashion.

Invisible Zinc is available exclusively at Selfridges and online through

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