Monday, 10 May 2010

'My genius is in my nostrils' - Nietzsche.

Billed as a 'playground for the nose', the Le Labo Olfactionary aims to challenge what we know about the complex structures that make up our favourite scents. Included are 40 of the purest scents used in fine fragrance production, along with professional blotting wands and a comprehensive fragrance guide. Flirting with one bottle then another, I discovered my interests lay within the woods and animalics; it also seems I have an unusual penchant for civet. I was fascinated by how 'true' and elegant scents are that I would have previously dismissed as insipid. No3 (Lilly of the Valley), and No6 (Iris) stood out as examples. In their purity, they lacked the sharp, nostril burning sweetness I was expecting, but offered something rather more earthy, mellow and comforting. It seems that when going to their depth, there are fragrances you'll like that you certainly wouldn't have entertained before. Like all of Le Labo, the packaging is simple, functional, and attractive in a old-school science lab sort of way, and although the sample scents are not designed to be worn on your person, you can be sure that your next fragrance purchase will be based on personal experience and insight that few fragrance junkies are able to say they've had.

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