Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Release the sport fanatic within.

This Summer there really is no excuse for not mustering up a little enthusiasm towards ball sports, namely Football.

There is no need to sign up to your local five a side, or start doing drills up and down the highstreet, simply endeavor to go shopping in Selfridges and you will find all you need to be fighting fit and sportily enthusiastic for the Summer ahead.

Umbro have launched a World Champions collection featuring the most prominent countries in the tournament designed by artists native to that City, using the countries football culture as inspiration...

England are on there, the design is crafted by Ben Eine one of the country's most influential street artists and graffiti pioneers, Brazil's talent at winning the World Cup are celebrated throught the illustrations of Fernando Chamarelli a visual artist and tattoo designer from Sao Paulo.

Other countries to feature include Argentina, France and Germany, all designed by artists from their home land. A seamless celebratory fashion purchase for one of the most infamous tournaments in the world, in any sport.

I'd happily come out of my sportswear drought in order to own one of those active delights.

Available exclusively from Selfridges.


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