Saturday, 10 April 2010

Popular and Practical

Being the fashionable fellows that we all are, it has been impossible no to notice the renaissance in classic footwear over the last few years: from winkle pickers to desert boots and flings with brogues and saddle shoes, for confirmation on this observation, just take a peek at 80% of all women under 40 [and some over] cavorting around in London wearing clogs.

I would like to observe that at the route of this heritage footwear fetish that we are all unconsciously harbouring: is the practicality they embody.

Brogues with their sustainability and satisfyingly thick, hard wearing soles, desert boots with their intrinsic links to the army all those years ago, boat shoes boasting of their long term relationship with the shiny hard decks of gthe priviledged... all a wise investment and a purchase that screams longevity.

The reason for these footwear musings is the fact that Sperry, the original deck shoe is celebrating it's 75th Anniversary, yes 75 years of unanimous popularity and wear.

You can buy a bit of their Birthday celebrations by investing in a pair of their 3 unique Anniversary designs: All three are based on the original premium booat shoe but with subtle modernisations in order to keep them relevant on [and off] the shiny yachts, just look at those gorgeous cream canvas pumps, beautiful and oh so perfect for the beckoning sunshine.

I am personally trying to get an example of each heritage foot wear trend in my collection: as evidence to my future children, that we did indeed used to wear what they think is cool, and I think these Sperry celebratory boat shoes are probably a worthy addition to the archive.

These gorgeous shoes will be available in limited premium stores, making them all the more lustrous!

Check their website for details


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