Monday, 12 April 2010

Broken Record

I hate to sound as the title implies: but here is another heritage footwear brand worth buying into. what with the slight craze for good old Americanisms recently, I feel that an authentic American cobbler is perhaps the best thing to purchase this season.

Yuketen are an industry renowned brand, stocked in premium boutiques and websites. Yuki Matsuda is the designer behind this atmoshperic brand: emulating the techniques of traditional American methods, a product of his own primary research observing the footwear worn by remote locales from the Appalachians all the way to the high Sierras.

Just be seeing the product a smooth traditinal warmth hits you, the Chukka boots are particularly fabulous, made from slouchy, soft leather and available in an array of wholesome colours, anything from orchid to ivy, with a mismatching patchwork for good, stylish measure.

London stockists include Dover Street Market and Present on Shoreditch Highstreet, get down there and buy into a brilliant brand.

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