Friday, 26 February 2010

The youngest menswear at LFW

London is probably the most avant garde fashion capital, therefore many from the next A/W 10/11 men collections are composed by eclectic, modern and fanciful garments.

The Mensday at London Fashion Week was full of very interesting proposals where we could once again reaffirm why London is the ideal market for young designers to launch their brands.

When talking about modernism and trendiness at LFW, a name springs up my mind very quickly: Katie Eary. She gave a meaning to the word 'show' with her animal lookalike prints, accessories and very colourful clothes.

White is not the preferred colour for this season either, but Central Saint Martins was dare enough to show some really cool white looks. Young designers are always meant to be the most risky ones.

TopMan Design upgraded the brand deciding to carry out their first independent catwalk. As it was expected, they did not disappoint anyone. The colour palette was dominated by green army, oxford red and black. The military inspiration look was reinforced with boots and other details such as necklaces and hats.


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