Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Williamson again.

Could it be?

2010 will see Williamson trying his hand in menswear, further evidence [if you needed any] that menswear is the ultimate push of the fresh decade, giving us lots to busy ourselves with.

Williamson has already dabbled in dressing the dapper men of Britain during his collaboration with H&M.

He has no returned to his luxurious roots and created a range of colourful, close fitting, cashmeres for men who like to feel fabulous and quite literally stand out form the crowd.

Styled in a rock-ready, indie boy style, this capsule collection slips nicely into the current street fashion affairs of the British menswear world.

The collection will be available from Harrods menswear department and Matthew Williamson boutiques by the end of this month.


Another rumour was whispered into my ears about this busy bee of a man. If rumours are in deed to be believed, then Williamson has plans in the pipeline to create his first ever full menswear collection, and if you really believe in these whispered facts? Tilda Swinton- the personification of androgyny - is said to be the face of the campaign.

Only time will tell if this is fact of fiction, but it's nice afternoon story either way.

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