Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Dries Van Noten AW10

Dries Van Noten seems to be incapable of nothing.

His most recent collection AW10 encapsulates three of the major trends for next winter, and styles them in a way which injects eccentricity into even the most office ready ensemble.

If I was a high earning man, I would hire Noten to be my personal tailor, but as it happens, I will just try to spread his sartorial message as far and wide as I am able to reach.

Camel is a dominate feature in this understadedly gorgeous collection, as are contrasting sleeves which have also been adopted by Cerruti, Les Hommes and Kenzo [which means they are a surefire find on the highstreet as well as the luxury boutiques], tracksuit trousers were used as a quirky subsitute for suit trousers in a couple of the looks bringing an entirely new quality to the slouchy staple garment of a day off and the palette was based around city colours: grey, navy, thick cream and the aforementioned camel. Pop colours such as red and royal blue were encorporated into Noten's famed and fabulous patterned fabrics, to inject a hint of vibrancy for next winter.

I don't think it could have been more divine than it was.

view the entire collection here http://nymag.com/fashion

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