Wednesday, 17 February 2010

J. Sabatino AW-2010

The artist living in the lower east side, who casually finds his wardrobe stables in the thrift store down the block. J. Sabatino knows how to bring a certain nostalgic feeling from the past to the present. Which is never a bad thing when you can make bold prints with classic tailoring look appealing.

Contributing Editor - NJD
all images by - NJD


  1. it's definately a throwback, but i think it's always great (not just for fashion but for universal matters) to look for elements and inspirations of the past in order to recreate them for newer audiences and aspire for some prosperity in the future. these looks are very mod-60s, very punk/ska revival 70s, very new wave 80s...very now!

  2. the inspirations of yesterday for today. Artists should never forget. x