Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Louis Vuitton x Andre-Sunglasses

Andre Saraiva, grafitti artist/club owner/photographer has collaborated with Louis Vuitton for its Spring/Summer 2010 sunglasses line. It was the news of the summer, only that no one really knew what the partnership entitled. The luxury brand wanted to market a selected group of the elite. Here are some of our favorites, such as actress Josephine de la Baume, muse Theodora Richards, purple's Olivier Zahm, artist Olympia LeTan, sophomore's Chrissie Miller and model Birdy Bell. The polaroids show each style of sunglasses on each individual around the world.

Mostly known for the owner of club Le Baron in Paris, Andre is no stranger to the group, as he has close friendships with everyone. Which is the reason for the freedom of expression of all.

Contributing Editor -NJD


  1. Awesome sunglasses, I like the a lot.
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  2. lets hope for sunny days to come...

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