Tuesday, 22 September 2009

The Sartorialist at Liberty

With a monthly page in GQ, contributing to Style.com, recently selected as one of Time Magazine’s top 100 design influencers, its no wonder Scott Schuman’s book signing at Liberty was a complete success.

Scott also known as “The Sartorialist” to many of his fans has put together a photo-book, documenting fashion from New York to London, and beyond. Over 300 showed up, and waited in line just to have a moment with their daily style photographer. Scott always grateful, greeted everyone with a smile, handshake, and even posed for photos. Winning Londoners over.

7th MAN highly recommends ”The Sartorialist” new book. It is sure to be a great inspiration, and bring new ideas to your wardrobe. It is also with great excitement we inform you that starting next week Liberty will be hosting the SartoralLUST Pop-Up Shop. Scott Schuman’s personal lust items from the department store.

Hurry down to Liberty for a copy!

Check out - http://thesartorialist.blogspot.com/

For additional cities for signing, as well as your daily style images.


Great Marlborough Street

London, W1B 5AH

+44 (0)207 734 1234


Contributing Online Editor - NJD


  1. A really big fan of his work. His photography is so beautiful too. Unlike a lot of the wannabe's who just knock it out on a compact, you can see he thinks carefully about his shots, the framing, the depth of field. and of course his eye for fashion. such an inspiration.

  2. He really is a wonderful photographer. This was a refreshing read. Who really is NJD 7thMM?