Thursday, 27 October 2011

Crow's Nest Jewels

Crow’s Nest Jewels is the extraordinary new fine jewellery collection hand-crafted in Austria by 24-year-old dynamic designer Daniel-Phillip Belevitch.
Belevitch founded Crow’s Nest with a desire to fulfil the void in imaginative fine jewellery for both men and women. With his Russian heritage and unique eye for contemporary design, Belevitch’s impeccable craftsmanship thus created his first collections, ‘Dream Feather’, ‘Believe it or Not’, ‘Deluxe Russian Grooves’, ‘Jungle Fever’, ‘Secret Keeper’ and ‘Amulet’
Inspired by nature and with his vision to produce uncompromised quality, Belevitch utilises only the finest of precious and semi stones including white and black diamonds, garnet and blue topaz. Each Crow’s Nest piece is set in 18kt gold and has a signature pear shaped tsavorite. 
The ‘Jungle Fever’ collection includes  ‘Caught in the web’ pictured above – this intricate and elegant piece would be a great accessory for the Halloween weekend.
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By Alexandra Carr contributing blogger from Central Saint Martins


  1. So classic and twisted!! I love the marriage of almost Victorian influences and modern jewelry. Belevitch and my new other favorite jewelry designer Betony Vernen (who I just discovered on are bringing the intricacies of vintage jewelry design back. LOVE

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