Monday, 23 May 2011

7thMan Summer Holiday : Your 7 must-have items!

It would be ironic to say that summer is just around the corner as summer 2011 actually creeped up sooner than expected. What you really need to ask yourself is 'where are you going for your summer holidays?', 'are you prepared for any kind of wardrobe malfunctions?' and 'is it safe to say, that you know by now how to masterfully pack a holiday suitcase without going overboard?'. C'mon fellas it's time to get those credit cards out 7thMan style.

You only need 7 items to survive on a hot summer resort and the 7thMan team has created your ultimate holiday rescue bag. Eager to find out what's in it? Then scroll down!

You wouldn't want to run off to a sizzling beach destination without packing a pair of Orlebar Brown's Men's Sport Pup swimming shorts. Orlebar's shortest of shorts and probably hottest of hots, is sure to make a few heads turn at the beach for all the right reasons. With an amazingly relaxed fit and excellent vintage inspired design, the Sport Pup is enough to cause an uproar, all you have to do is choose the color that suits you.

Navajo inspired prints were adorned by every single fashion editor this season but if you are not one who is eager to carry the trend on full-speed  then this Adam Kimmel t-shirt with rolled up sleeves is exactly what you are looking for. Discreet, sexy and with a small dose of the print aesthetic, the Bandana Rolled-Up silk Sleeve tee is the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe .

They are Bright, they are foldable, they are easy to carry and they are Burberry. Making your beach life a lot easier, the new bright & foldable range from Burberry offers sunglasses in an array of colours including lime green, purple and tortoise wrapped up in the smallest pouch ever.What more do you need ?

Going on holiday is not all about the beach; is about going out, partying, meeting people and looking great. The mix & match jacket and chino from allows you to create your own look with vibrant neon colours making this summer block colour trend unforgettable.

Forget your old blunt granny towels, for Summer 2011 you need a beach towel that makes its own statement. C'mon you know you want to!!

With Veja you get the best of both worlds;you help the environment and get to wear a brilliant pair of shoes. The latest shoe from Veja-Veja Mediterranee- is a cross-over between a sneaker and a boat shoe, that features organic cotton canvas and a wild amazonian rubber vulcanised sole. Probably the most fitting shoe to accompany you on this summer holiday.

And last but not least you will need a large tote bag to fit everything in!

The S/S'11 'Bille' Tote bag from Copenhagen's finest Soulland, in white, features tan leather details and handles and is big enough to fit all your beach accessories including your most important possesions, phone, book, hat & your overly increasing and much-needed collection of sunscreen & spf 15 lotions!

Happy Summer Holidays everybody!


  1. You maybe forgot a hat against sun and i suggest a Dsquared one !!

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