Friday, 15 April 2011

Kenneth Cole launches underwear collection

Underwear is definitely one fashion accessory that most men nowadays consider a must. Designers transformed the once dull and simple garment into a fashion extravaganza of an array of patterns and colours, allowing men to identify underwear with their mood.

As funny as it sounds underwear are a very important issue for men. They need to look good, feel good and be very very comfortable and Kenneth Cole definitely knows what we want.

Launching his underwear collection exclusively in the UK, the range takes inspiration from his already successful menswear line. Including both happy-go-lucky bold colours and stripes but also earthly tones and the ever so classic black and white pants that we all need in our drawers, Cole's underwear features fine, gauge, cotton-jersey technology that appart from unique style is all about comfort.

Priced at £15, look for them at House of Fraser and selcted stores accross the UK soon!

See more underwear from the collection after the jump!

By Andreas Menelaou Features Assistant

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