Tuesday, 1 March 2011

MAN Show -The Designers a/w'11


One of London Fashion Week's highlights must have been when NEW POWER STUDIO while presenting their autumn/winter 2011-12 'The Last Dance' collection under the MAN Show, sent out probably the cutest model parading in a brown bear jumpsuit covered in incense sticks.

Inspired by costumes and props associated with contemporary hen nights and the Roman Catholic Carnival, NEW POWER STUDIO gave a twist to the classic menswear staples that we've seen this year at fashion week and presented a full blown wild collection made-up of oversized printed tees & jackets ,nylon patent tracksuits and jaw-dropping headpieces.


Darker and more lineal than their previous collections, 'The Grand Hall of the Mountain King', Felipe Rojas Llanos a/w'11 offering brings together two powerfully beautiful techniques,ballet and opera.Oversized capes, naked necklines and cinched in tailored trousers took over the catwalk in black,turquoise and powerful red. The strong, voluminous yet fluid silhouettes capture the physical essence of the dancers that harmoniously blend with the effortlessly graceful sequence of their movements.


Launching her a/w'11 collecion within the illimitable boundaries of the MAN show, utilitarian lover Martine Rose,rose to the occasion of an exceptionally designed innovative collection that was remarkably styled, extremely well thought of and brilliantly executed. Her inspiration from desert tribes was clearly evident in  her outstanding use of layering fabrics that included fleece,wax,faux fur and felt in earthly hues,creating a multi-faceted range that can be broken down into contemporary wearable separates.Who else can make a hypothermia t-shirt fahsionable?!

By Andreas Menelaou Features Assistant
Photography: Alexander Philip Aristotelous

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