Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Is Natural Selection Denim the way forward?

We feel that we are  part of a denim era, where denim is part of our lifestyle, integrated in every outfit; we adjust it with suits, we wear them to work, designers and brands are even extending to their own ranges & denim accessories; but what is it about denim that is so fascinating?7thMan Magazine sits down for a very exclusive interview with the Guardians of the Standard or GOTS, the creative collective behind Natural Selection Denim, the denim brand created in 2009, to get a few straight answers!

Q: How did you first fall in love with denim? Is it your love for denim that created Natural Selection?

Denim or a pair of jeans is now a staple piece of clothing in every modern man's wardrobe.  It’s the flexibility & durability of the fabric that I truly appreciate.  I have been fortunate enough to travel – I started picking up on the underground denim culture growing out of Japan in the early '90s. I have also taken inspiration from heritage British work wear especially for this season, old railroad uniforms specifically. How the brand started is a long story… a journey & sequence of events. Extending my knowledge in the world of denim; growing knowledge in sales, distribution & meeting entrepreneur John Park we were able to bring NS Denim to life.

Q: What is the core value/philosophy behind the Natural Selection denim line?

We wanted a name that suggested 2 things:

- The idea of the natural Evolution of denim – NS Denim captures fabric as it ages in a unique way.  From our raw fabrics, all the way through the journey, to the most unique of vintage washes.
- We also like encouraging the notion of evolutionary competition & the strongest will survive.  We are able to better communicate the quality of our premium product through this notion.

Q: These past few years we’ve been seeing this massive re-emergence of high-quality denim brands. What sets you apart from all the others?

We believe in using the finest of fabric & focusing on attention to detail in design. We are seeking new ways to be original with our fabrics all the way from application to developing our own laundry techniques for washing. As jeans lovers & the fabric that is denim, trying to replicate authentically worn in washes is our goal. We are working with premium fabric’s specifically Japanese & Italian selvedge.

Read the rest of the interview and see their S/S'11 NS Campaign film after the jump

By Andreas Menelaou Features Assistant

Q: What elements would you say comprise the perfect pair of jeans?
Perfect: fabric, fit & styling/ design
Q: What has been the inspiration for the S/S 2011 collection?
Natural Selection Denim’s SS11 collection re-introduces the lightness and handle of Italian mills to the mix. Of note, there is “STRIPPED”, torn, damaged and inspired by rock and roll as well as “PIRATE”, a masterpiece of modern laundry technique to imitate the sun-bleach and sand from wading in the foamy surf on a beach.
It exudes a relaxed casual attitude, with implication of honest sweat balanced with the deliberate hints of referencing from the military and workwear wardrobe
Q: Even though the brand is fairly new, there is a feeling of nostalgia and heritage in your design aesthetic. How did that come about?
When creating the brand and designing the aesthetics of the branding it was important that we wanted to give an established look & feel. Our reasons for doing a denim brand were to celebrate our love of denim. To celebrate that ‘denim’ as a group has got such a vast wealth of historical elements, stories, references.  We nod back to the golden period of denim making – take learning’s & reinterpret.
Q: Who do you have in mind when designing? Is it personal or do you take trends under consideration?
We have lots of aspects in mind when designing. We keep a close eye on maintaining our Brand values.  We respect our target consumer - ultimately who we're creating for. Also we try to remain innovative; we take reference from our surrounding not just denim & fashion. Nature, Landscapes, Arts: Film, Music, Science, the list is endless.

Q: Do you have a signature denim design yet? Or maybe a particular product that shoppers have shown an immense liking to, from your line?

The Smith is a style name that is our name given to generic details that make up a NS jean.  The Smith’s signature details are it’s labels, branding, buttons & rivets.
We then move onto our Fabric fit & wash that makes it unique to the season. Having now rolled out into a full collection, we are also being recognized for our shirt & jacket detailing.

Q: What is next for NS Denim?
 We're in the process of expanding Global distribution – targeting Europe, the US & Asia.  We hope to see Global growth through specialist stores. We will also be increasing the offering on the upper half collection.

Natural Selection Denim - SS11 - Behind The Scenes Movie from Natural Selection Denim on Vimeo.

By Andreas Menelaou Features Assistant

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