Sunday, 27 March 2011

7thMan exclusive: First images from 'Forgotten Future' a/w 2011 collection

This past January, 7thMan was one of the first magazines to introduce to you who we thought would be taking over the contemporary menswear arena, Forgotten Future. The brand designed by Richard Dawson(who could honestly be one of the loveliest designers we ever met) once again invited 7thMan to preview their autumn/winter 2011 collection this past week and all we have to say is 'We told you so'!

Part influenced by the work of photographer Perry Ogden and partly still exploring the post war vibes precedented in the s/s'11 collection, the a/w'11 collection  is entitled 'Pony Youth'. Through a cohesive presentation of must-have wardrobe staples, that includes tailoring with a sportswear edge and an eclectic mix of pattern and texture, 'Pony Youth' incorporates a feeling of nostalgia that is evidently presented through Dawson's love of oversized vintage silhouettes and excellent quality that easily can challenge the notion of disposable fashion.

More images of the a/w''11 collection to follow!

By Andreas Menelaou Features Assistant


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