Friday, 14 January 2011

7thMan Designer to Watch : Forgotten Future

Sometimes you just want to look your best without having to try too hard, but not many designers or clothes for that matter can avow to achieve the effortlessly dashing look sans hardcore styling.

Forgotten Future was created in 2009, with the aim to attract the attention of today's fashion pioneers by designing clothing that transcends the mediocre, offering a directional view to contemporary menswear but the fairly nouveau brand managed to do more than that.

Attracting the attention of exclusive on-line destination Oki-Ni and creating buzz with its high degree of quality & workmanship,the premium London menswear label,fathered by Central St.Martins graduate Richard Dawson, managed to stand-out and differentiate itself from anything remotely similar in the market.

Offering investment clothes that can last a lifetime both in trend but also in essence, the designer reveled and upgraded the constructivist and patchwork techniques of his previous offerings into a detailed, post-war tailoring influenced collection for Spring/Summer 2011.

Softer hues of greys, shell pinks with neutrals offset with military khakis and shots of bright red are manipulated into vintage looking sportswear in asymetric formations to bring about a contemporary approach to the designer's historic artistry.

Forgotten Future's philosophy ,to create a wardrobe that surpasses trends with individuality and originality can also be a perfect fit for a modern man's wardrobe, eager to ease in confident,edgy and fashionable separates.

See more looks from Forgotten Future S/S'11 lookbook after the jump

By Andreas Menelaou Features Assistant


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