Sunday, 27 February 2011

Tween A/W'11 goes functional on video

Tween from tween on Vimeo.

It's very exciting to witness innovative and never-seen-before craftsmanship portrayed on the men's catwalk but we should not forget that the real man is not extremely fussy with his clothes and at the end of the day prefers comfort and utility over excessive style.

Tween's man for Autumn/Winter 2011-12 is a modern man who acknowledges trends but is not dictated by them, a man who is dynamic and wants to discover many things further from his closet but wants his closet to be able to accomodate and be n'sync with his lifestyle.

Functional coats that will allow any man to walk around and travel without the need of a bag, cosy patterned knitwear, denim and relaxed youthful suiting in warm tones of mustard, maroon,blue and grey that will easily transcend into any man's wardrobe.

By Andreas Menelaou Features Assistant

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