Tuesday, 8 February 2011

TOPMAN DJ sets for Men's Lab @ Harrods

Topman can advertently claim the No.1 spot for menswear on the high-street but now the cult-status fashion infused brand is going up-market.

For the launch of Topman  inclusion in the recently opened Harrods trend-led offering space Men’s Lab, the party loving brand is throwing a showdown for all of us every Friday and Saturday for the rest of February.Topman hand picked some of the hottest and most influential DJ’s and bands around to play some of their favourite records in the new destination Menswear area.

And noone could've done it better!

With a selection of right on the money DJ's,club promoters and even label owners on the decks, the line-up includes Echo Lake,Kool Kids Klub, Teeth,Something in Construction and Fiction.Get ready to shop and bop with Topman DJ's spinning some brand spanking beats that West London "daaahlings" have never heard before!

If you haven’t paid a visit to the Men’s Lab area yet and shopped some of Topman’s latest ranges and collections including Topman Design, Topman LTD, AAA and some very exclusives pieces to Harrods there is surely no better time to do so than whilst listening to some of London’s hottest properties soundtracking your shopping for you.

Kicking things off this Friday 11th of February is electro DJ and producer ‘Magnets’ who’s about to release his highly anticipated first EP on the ever progressive ‘Kill ‘Em All’ label.

By Andreas Menelaou Features Assistant



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