Thursday, 10 February 2011

Röyksopp & BUG event at London's BFI

"Alcoholic" by Lluis Miras

This coming Friday, London is bursting with super events that you guys can go to!

11th February sees Röyksopp teaming up with Adam Buxton (Adam & Joe) for an extra special BUG event at London's British Film Institute.

The BFI will be showing a big-screen retrospective of the band's output in moving image (including standout works such as their exquisite videos of 'Remind Me', 'Eple' and 'Happy Up Here'.).Both Svein and Torbjorn will be joining Adam on stage to talk through the band's legendary visual output.

The "Alcoholic"video by Luis Miras from Argentina was the winner of the Röyksopp  Senior video competition hosted by .Chosen in association with Wall of Sound and PIAS, the video captures brilliantly the Royksopp aesthetic and sense of the bizarre within the mundane.

If you can't make the Röyksopp and BUG event  you can catch the duo at Benugo Bar where they will be DJ-ing for one night only!

To have a look at all the videos that won you can click here!

By Andreas Menelaou Features Assistant

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