Thursday, 24 February 2011

Mr.Start goes sharp for A/W'11

Designer Philip Start's lovechild "Mr.Start" was our second backstage coverage of the Menswear day.Inspired by the designer's understanding of the way men dress, Mr.Start provided a more sartorial approach to suitting that was so refreshing and well crafted that would even urge the more less suit-enthusiasts to dapper up!

Signature suits were manipulated to feel contemporary and cutting-edge.

The young and vibrant models thoroughly captured the forward looking and modern essence of Mr.Start, to create an Autumn/Winter collection that is accessible to everyone and defines the meaning of everyday elegance.

A suit is not a suit without an amazingly tailored shirt to go with it! Mr.Start are well known for the exceptional quality of their shirts and trust us the new collection shirts do not dissapoint.It's not only the fit(they even have super slim body fit) but also the structure and the quality that grants their customer the assurance that the collection was thoughtfully designed.

You rarely see a genuine fine British shoe-making heritage company work with other designers as not many designers can carry over their prestigious craftsmanship.For Mr.Start's new collection ,the brand continues to expand its cult following with a collaboration with British shoe makers Crockett & Jones that includes both outerwear and footwear.

Epitomising Shoreditch luxury (of what Shoreditch really is about), the A/W'11 collection is subtle yet certain and wonderfully blends together heritage with modernity.

By Andreas Menelaou Features Assistant

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