Thursday, 24 February 2011

Backstage at TOPMAN Design A/W '11

Yesterday 23rd of February saw the start of Menswear day at London Fashion week(sigh of relief) but while everyone was out in the cold and the rain, 7thMan had exclusive backstage access to the hottest shows in town; And yes, there were boys,lots and lots of boys and lots of lots of clothes and for us lots and lots of fun!

Starting off as early as 7:30 , we first invaded the TOPMAN Design backstage area at the Royal Opera House, wearing our full -blown AAA pass (that's access all areas), where we got to hang out with those boys called models and get a preview of the A/W'11 collection before it even went live on the catwalk.

Yes, getting our hair and make-up done seems like a pretty hard life for us too!

And boy did those models looked out of this world!We felt ashamed to parade in there with our all-black ensemble and our minimal height of 5ft 9'!!

The clothes were heavenly to say the least!Wearable, youthful and bang on-trend(for next winter) we were sure the show was going to be a huge hit(as it were).

The collection looked so irresistibly cool -and by all means 'cool' is still a brilliant word- that at one point we did catch ourselves considering what would be the most effortless incriminating way to 'borrow' a massive 'fur' coat that was hanging on the rail?Wear it and swag-out of there or pretend we walked in wearing it all-along?Hmmm tricky!!

We will review the show with our own ready-made-video a little bit later but for now enjoy more pictures just after the jump!

By Andreas Menelaou Features Assistant

Photographer : Alexander Philip Aristotelous

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