Thursday, 10 February 2011

Is Jaeger the most hard-working British brand in the industry?

It seems that Jaeger is hitting all the right notes this coming Spring/Summer'11 season!

On top of unveiling their new suit silhouette and having already announed their plans to enter the Russian Market, the heritage brand has sealed the deal through a strategic partnership with JamilCo,one of Russia's leading luxury brand distributors.

Belinda Earl Jaeger's Group Chief Executive confirmed the news saying that they are delighted to be expanding into the Russian market with Jaeger London, along with Jaeger Black and Boutique by Jaeger collections. "The Russian market is dynamic and vibrant, and we look forward to attracting new customers to Jaeger."

In addition Jaeger is going all out and presenting the new trend-led series of outerwear and jackets that any fashion conscious individual can identify with!From the British made Jaeger by Jaeger trench to the navy three-quarter length technical jacket and the reversible Jaeger by Jaeger bomber jacket, the English brand looks set to finish off another year as one of the most successful heritage brands around.

By Andreas Menelaou Features Assistant


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