Monday, 10 January 2011

Jaeger unveils their new suit silhouette

 Jaeger understands the importance of a fine silhouette, moreover it appreciates that a suit can make a man or a work hard-play hard kind of man.
For Spring/Summer 2011,the heritage brand’s key sartorial message is the refinement of silhouette across both suiting and shirting.
Stuart Stockdale, Jaeger's Design Director introduced to 7thMan their new, neater silhouette, and its attention to detail. “ From the suit proportion itself to each individual aspect, from lapel to shirt, collar and shoulder to trouser shape. This is designed to create a completely modern and contemporary suiting look” .
The new contemporary suit block is a modern update on Jaeger’s well known tailoring.From a slimmer jacket waist to sleek trousers with narrower and shorter hem and shirting with details that could compare to a made-to-measure allure,Jaeger’s new silhouette offering is definitely not just an afterthought.
Capturing the essence of their younger customer, the suits look sharp & stylish and can easily be transformed into a casual evening outfit!

By Andreas Menelaou Features Assistant

See more images of the suits after the jump


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