Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Vivienne Westwood "MAN" A/W 2011-12

Intentionally or not, the boys at Vivienne Westwood MAN collection seem to be taking the role of British students on their way to becoming men both intellectually and heartedly, all ready for love,life and responsibility.

But any Westwood fan knows that the woman who inspired the punk-era wouldn't roll out a collection that is sturdy, firm,soulless and uptight so she decided to give the boys a make-over and splashed blood-red lipstick all over their lips.

With a royal marriage in the air, the real question the designer wanted to ask was "Who would you choose to be your bridegroom?Our catwalk is your chance to dream!"

Maybe the class entertainer wearing Charlie Chaplin inspired pants with suspenders?or the very clever one with tight grey plaid trousers and wool turtleneck, the leather rocker or the advertently sleek yet rugged suit rebel?

With an array of wonderfully westwood styled men to choose from, the unconventional craftmanship of Dame Vivienne shone through once again with so many pieces to choose from.

Baggy suits and preppy quilted jackets, bright wool turtlenecks,long overcoats and denim jeans made up a collection where everything looked cohesive whilst maintaining individual character and the westwood identity.

By Andreas Menelaou Features Assistant

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