Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Versace A/W 2011-12

This season’s Versace collection for men presents an optical game of shapes, proportions, colors and graphics, conducted with a knowing and contemporary nod.

This is not, however, a look that sparkles and shines. Instead the luxurious aspect of the collection – such a hallmark of the Versace brand – comes from the fine fabrics used and the expert tailoring employed.

The foundation of the collection comprises highly sartorial elements, with garments that have a new volume and are less rigid and softer than previously. Notably, the shoulder line of jackets and coats is markedly relaxed, and detailing has been simplified without betraying the Maison’s DNA.

Proportions are playfully reworked with sophistication and wit – short and long combine. Lengths of jackets are extended and waistlines are dropped. The result is a cool, contemporary take on Versace codes. 

The knitwear is essential to the spirit of the collection, and the combination of textures and colours in the knits creates a modern 3D effect. This is also the result of the special processes applied to the threads.

Embroidered leather coats and astrakhan necks of the coats also posses a three-dimensional aspect.

Accessories complete the look with  shoes that have a modern and pointed shape, with contemporary details,  such as rubber soles, that emphasize their lines.

By Andreas Menelaou Features Assistant

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