Saturday, 15 January 2011

Trussardi 1911 Fall 2011 at Pitti Uomo

Out with old and in with new,Trussardi celebrated being 100 years old and for their centenial presentation, creative director Milan Vukmirovic chose to showcase their Fall 2011 collection at Pitti Uomo.

Milan Men's Fashion Week might have started today but the first Fall collection to be shown was Trussardi 1911 this week at Pitti Uomo.Vukmirovic's Trussardi man is no longer the basic and classic suit centered one we used to know. The new Trussardi man understands craftmanship & luxury and is presented with a more modern approach to design.

The leather inspired collection pays tribute to the heritage's brand legacy of excellent leather dexterity and cosmopolitan luxury with contemporary pieces and wearable separates including  exceptionally thin leather t-shirts,sleeve-less belted jackets,parkas,combat boots and even a masculine skirt wore over pants.

Having used only leather, shearling and fur the collection resulted in a futuristic meets heritage meets minimalistic look that was approachable,luxe,masculine, original while staying true to the family owned fashion house's centenial vision.

See more looks from the show after the jump

By Andreas Menelaou Features Assistant

Images and video courtesy of Trussardi

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