Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Lotus - "Not just another car manufacturer after all"

7thMan has been extremely busy this week but this particular offer was too hot to turn it down, especially since it involved a road trip!

Lotus,the British manufacturer of luxury sports and racing cars was kind enough to invite only a special few,including yours truly, to witness first-hand their new endeavour into the world of fashion, Lotus Originals.

We know what you're thinking "Oh God!Not another car manufacturer launching a menswear line.Don't we have enough guys parading down the street in their branded mega logo t-shirts and ridiculous hats?"Well that's where you are so wrong about Lotus.They are actually so addicted to refinement and detail that what they came up with even impressed us and we are not easily impressed.

The brand managed to convey into their menswear proposals the same feeling of exclusivity & streamlined powerful luxury that they adhere to their cars for more than 60 years.The collection was designed and produced in Italy but had as a point of reference their own British Heritage and the cosmopolitan aspect of the Lotus customer.

Lotus Originals, reflects the new direction of the brand, a more grown up, sophisticated and refined route that is able to complement and accomodate every aspect of a modern man's life. From polo t-shirts, tailored shirts,cashmere cardigans and jumpers to quilted jackets,blazers,even belts in masculine and rich colour tones including navy,black,light grey,tan and the ever recognisable Lotus green.

The brand & design team deposited excessive thought and creativity into their latest project as their sole initiative was to create a line that would appeal to their own customer but also be dignified enough to carry on the legacy of the brand into a whole new territory,like us!

The future collection is not heritage just for the sake of it.Details rose from what racecar drivers had to conform to including well crafted leather jackets with corduroy shoulder yokes and excellent quality leather gloves with maximum reliability.The leather and canvas bags,produced by the same leather manipulators as Salvatore Ferragamo accessories,are top in quality and so effectively classic that we are sure will be passed on from this generation to the next and still remain in admirable condition.

Lotus managed to create accessible eternal pieces that can transcend through every season but also any age and style.There is definitely something for everybody,a piece you can hold on to forever, a product that can stay dear to your heart,an addition to your wardrobe that signifies who you really are.A man who loves timeless style,a man that appreciates luxury,a Lotus Man!

And for your information,yes we did drive around (very fast) in a Lotus Elise and it feels & smells even better than...well you get the picture!

The menswear line will be sold exclusively on from February next month.

By Andreas Menelaou Features Assistant

See more exclusive pictures from Lotus Originals after the jump!

Photographer : Stefanos Constantinou


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