Thursday, 20 January 2011

7th Man :7th Loves - Look at these as an investment!

Citizens of Humanity "Round Up" Twill trousers

Finding denim jeans and trousers that really look good & fit well can be such a nightmare. Citizens of Humanity, a brand established in 2003, creates perfect style essentials with a back-to-basics approach.Everything is unique and hand-crafted to perfection.No wonder is now part of our daily wardrobe.
Shop now on-ine at Citizens of Humanity

*DIED* Jewelry

This Netherland duo's jewelry line is elegant with a sharp edge,definitely what a man needs to add that final touch on his already great outfit.Creating truly unique pieces,each piece is hand-crafted, even hand-numbered,showing how much they believe in making exceptional and personal pieces,which represents themselves as much as their customer.
See more on DiedWorld
Undercover x John Chapman bags

This is definitely hot property!Tired of high-street/designer cheap collaborations?Well this exciting new collaboration between London Undercover and designer John Chapham, one of Britain's most renowned bag makers, grants quality, heritage and vintage lovers a new "toy" to play with.The collection consists of two designs of bag one flight holdall and the City Rambler which is in satchel style.Guess which we are carrying with us on our way to Paris Fashion Week tomorrow?Jealous much?
Available at London Undercover

Persol "Steve McQueen" Sunglasses

If you have seen the Thomas Crown Affair then you probably fell in love with this particular pair of sunglasses Steve McQueen was sporting in the film.Now Persol have decided to re-vamp the shades for a special edition and give them a new lease of life but only 10 thousand very lucky men or women will get their hands on these,as the sunglasses are limited!

Timberland Wharf Coat

Raincoats are bang on trend this season but if you've seen the A/W'11-12 shows it looks like the trend will see its way into 2012 as well.The re-launch of the timeless Wharf coat from Timberland is not only stylish & fantastic in colour is also earth-friendly as the new wharf coat is made from organic cotton and recycled nylon.Green is definitely the way forward! 

Scott-Nichol Fair Isle Socks

You can never go wrong with Scott-Nichol socks.Perfect for the cold weather and they carry the heritage/vintage vibe so well while still maintaining contemporary influences that can blend immaculately with any outfit!

FRACAP Scarponcini Boot

Just the fact that these boots are all handmade in Italy gives you a sense of what the quality must be like,unsurpassed!Now available in the UK as well,after being manhandled solely in the Japanese market,Fracap hiking boots are on the money.

Via theEnd

By Andreas Menelaou Features Assistant


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