Monday, 24 January 2011


Erotokritos presented his Autumn/Winter 2011-12 collection, yesterday 23rd of January in Paris and Modern Man couldn't resist the invitation or the opportunity to be at such an amazing event. 
I speak very highly of Erotokritos as he is a designer who I admire both for his technique & talent but also for his dexterity and commercial awareness.He never disappoints!

For A/W '11-12 Erotokritos instead of following the fashion pack,the innovative designer put on a playfull special presentation  where models would walk in and out of the set putting on and sporting but also taking off the latest offerings from EROTOKRITOS HOMME.

The theme and aesthetic of the designer still reflects his Parisian street attitude provoking the fashion scenery with bright colours on well-crafted knitwear,in his usual signature style,athletic jersey tops and tracksuit trousers even tie-dye shirts with vintage plaid essence and of course knit accessories & suit-style trousers made with excelent attention to detail.

Overall the F/W'11-12 collection masters the art of pop culture translated within wearable and chic separates that can easily become part of every modern man's closet.Erotokritos once again proved that less is indeed more if you give yourself a chance to step away from the ordinary and let the fun reign in your wardrobe!
See more pictures after the jump!


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