Monday, 10 January 2011

Dr.Martens Satchel for Spring/Summer'11

We all have a pair of Dr.Martens somewhere in our closet.For some is still an integral part of their everyday outfit and others have chosen to upgrade their casual boots to a fantastic pair of suede brogues.

For Spring/Summer 2011, Dr.Martens have collaborated with a small team of saddlery specialists in London to create the Dr.Martens School Satchel. Boasting years of saddlery experience, the collaborators for the Dr.Martens satchels,granted the collection an effortless design, influenced heavely from the creative heritage of the brand.

Using the same leather used on the prestigious "Made in England" rage, the exquisite satchel is available in 5 classic Dr.Martens colours,black,cherry red,navy,white and green the number of school satchels is limited to only 350 across all colours worldwide.

By Andreas Menelaou Features Assistant



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