Thursday, 4 November 2010

Diesel Black Gold Men's SS'11

7th Man Magazine was invited for an exclusive preview of the Diesel Black Gold SS'11 men's collection earlier this week.

The starting point for this collection is the bespoke suit - or shall we say the actual process of tailoring.
References to the different aspects and methods of mens bespoke tailoring is cleverly interpreted and evident throughout: from the numbering featured on a measuring tape and the basting stitches used to mark woolen suitings to the pad-stitching used on lapels; all these manifest as prints, effects and detailing throughout the collection.

Combining with the use of hardware, Diesel Black Gold brings together these traditional processes of mens tailoring into an iconoclastic yet respectful collection that wittily redefines notions of male elegance.

Key items include a super light and shiny nylon trench with a layered unfinished lapel, an under-constructed jacket with metallic details; and even a knitted dinner jacket. Slim jersey and lather pants with cuts are matched with reversible waistcoats unveiling the in-progress side of garments.

The Diesel Black Gold denim range features a wide range of exclusive treatments and washes on both slim fit and regular fit with tapered low crotch that include stone washing, manual abrasions and darning.

Looking forward to Spring already!!

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