Monday, 22 November 2010

Burberry Reaches 3 Million Facebook Fans

This week, Burberry made history as it became the first luxury fashion brand to reach 3 million fans on social networking site Facebook. Thoroughly engaging with social media devices between its 'Art of the Trench' photography installation and its new online bespoke service, the quintessential British brand's latest accolade is well and truly deserved. It took the company one year to reach a million fans, six months to reach two million and mere month to reach three million.

In honor of the momentous occasion, Burberry's Creative Designer Christopher Bailey created the above image in celebration which reads: "Thank you so much for all your support!! Best wishes from us all at Burberry".

Joanna Shields, VP of Facebook EMA, said: "Burberry is producing its own original content, in fact Burberry is no longer just a fashion company - today they are a thriving media enterprise. Burberry is now the most widely followed fashion brand on Facebook. It's successful not just because it makes great clothes but because it understands the importance of sparking interest in the community and using social media to engage and delight their consumers. Whether it is relating to consumers by promoting indie bands on their Facebook Page or celebrating the ideas of the most stylish customers on their site, The Art of the Trench - Burberry is building its brand not simply by broadcasting and advertising to them, but by creating new media experiences for them."

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