Thursday, 14 October 2010

Young Patriots

Hedi Slimane is somewhat of a Jack of all trades. Born in Paris in 1968, Slimane grew up to be one the industry's most influential designers through his seven years at the creative helm of Dior Homme. Since parting ways with the label three years ago, Slimane has pursued a rather nomadic existence, primarily focusing his attention on his photography whilst at the same time dabbling in film. Joining forces with revered director Gus Van Sant their project "Young American" was unveiled in 2007 and captured the unmistakable beauty of male youth. The series received critical acclaim and so Slimane's idolization of youth continued with a cacophony of his trademark stylized black and white imagery portraying the rising young stars of today. With an eye for talent like no other, Slimane is responsible for propelling the fledgling careers of young creatives to the fore-front. Having selected indie-synth collective These New Puritans to record a 15 minute track to accompany a Dior Runway show, a swift rise in their fanbase ensued. Meanwhile his depictions of previously unknown models Anna Selezneva and Petey Wright has added to their credentials to no end.

Slimane's latest escapade is once again a foray into film in collaboration with designer shopping site The Corner. "I Love USA" is their second film and features two teenagers Sydney and Wolf who Slimane discovered at both the Coachella 2009 & 2010 festivals. Short yet utterly poignant, the stylish visuals is an obscure retelling of the classic Romeo and Juliet yarn. With swift cutting images of the pair frolicking on a beach, to powerful shots of a cheerleading outfitted Sydney dancing alongside a cello playing Wolf, the film is beautiful collision of art, fashion and culture.

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