Friday, 1 October 2010

One For The (dis)Guys

Guyliner, the original grooming brand for men will be launching on October 14th in leading high street fashion retailer, River Island. While make-up for men may not be every man's cup of tea, Guyliner has bared this in mind when producing their range of cosmetics which aim to subtly enhance men's appearances by giving them "the confidence to be who they want to be".

Noticing a niche in this specific market, River Island have decided to stock three of Guyliner's core products based on just how effective, easy to use and practical these products are. From mid-October, customers will be lining-up to purchase the likes of the original Guyliner Kohl Pencil, a versatile eye definer, Disguys, a slim 'twist up stick' concealer which was specifically formulated in Switzerland to cover-up pesky spots and finally, Guyliner's Mascara, a discreet clear gel that separates, conditions and defines lashes and keeps unruly brows in place.

As collaborations go, the River Island and Guyliner one most definitely shall pave the way for the cosmetic market opening up to the discerning, style conscious British male consumer.

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