Sunday, 24 October 2010

Leviʼs® launches the 519 Skinny Jean with The Gaslight Anthem

Leviʼs® - The original and definitive denim brand - launches their new menʼs skinny fit jean with the help of US rock band The Gaslight Anthem.

The Leviʼs® 519 jean is slim in the leg, with a gentle taper down to the ankle for a clean and effortless skinny fit. Produced from premium denim with a touch of stretch, the 519 jean gives a sharp but ultra comfortable feel. Highlight finishes for the season include indigo based ʻBlack Driftʼ as well as ʻKill City Blackʼ for the iconic rock look.

Leviʼs® has always supported contemporary talents. Following from last season's advertising campaign supporting emerging craftsmen and artists, for the 519 launch Leviʼs® is supporting rapidly rising American rock band The Gaslight Anthem. The "Origins" exhibit space in London's Regents Street has been transformed into a loading bay of a Gaslight Anthem concert, complete with big black flight cases on wheels, concert scaffolding and spotlights.

The Gaslight Anthem's European tour kicked off in the UK earlier this month. The band wears the 519 jeans throughout their tour and is also featured in Leviʼs® new campaign wearing the skinny jeans. Signed to Side One Dummy Records The Gaslight Anthemʼs recently released album ʻAmerican Slangʼ was tipped as one of the most highly anticipated albums for 2010 by Rolling Stone Magazine.

Leviʼs® new 519 skinny jeans is now available in store and online.

Check out Leviʼs® facebook page for further information


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