Friday, 22 October 2010

Collection 5

Sibling is an East London based collective with a progressive philosophy in mind when it comes to the men's knitwear they produce. Shunning dowdy and shapeless knitted garments in favour of more contemporary, stylized pieces; their collections possess a delightfully colouful and embellished feel. Past creations have included a fully knitted Biker jacket in black cotton, laminated to mimic worn leather, while show stopping pieces like the Ram's head sweater, the Knit Monster, Swarovski Kurt Grunge Beano and the Skull, have satisfied fashion hungry appetite of followers of this decidedly cult label.

To promote their latest eclectic collection, the Sibling team of Joe Bates, Sid Bryan and Cozette McCreery have enlisted the helping hand of visionary photographer Alasdair McLellan to produce a short film. Featuring British model Darryl Sharp, the film is visual kaleidoscope of flitting imagery set to a jagged soundtrack. Short and captivating, the dreamy vintage scenes of Sharp wandering around gritty urban backdrops, bring to life Sibling's signature new designs on a cool, refreshing level.

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